We are an Irish company

We are an Irish company


Photo Restoration

Don’t let your memories fade away that easily, at Magic Photo Gifts, we can help you with photo restoration to bring your special photos back into life. Whether you want to restore, repair, or retouch, we will compose your image together with relevant background changes from black to white colour. We offer collages, montages and expertly restore your pictures from just €20.

We, at Magic Photo Gifts have been in the personalisation and photo restoration business for 30 years. We professionally revive your photographs using our photographic skills, state-of-the-art hardware, and software so that your next generation can enjoy it to the fullest. We can modify your background, bring the original colour back, and help you get rid of cracks.

Photo Restoration Areas Covered

  1. Repair/Enhance photos
  2. Repair/fix cracks, tears, creases & scratches
  3. Enhance faded photos
  4. Piece together and restore ripped and torn photos
  5. Compose two or more people together
  6. Change backgrounds
  7. Change black and white pictures into colour

Contact us or email your questions to restore and repair your photos. We’d love to help you!

    This is a bespoke service, please contact us directly by phone or email with any questions.