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4 Benefits of Using Custom Embroidery on Towels and Robes

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Looking to personalise your robes or towels? Embroidery has a clear edge over other types of printing methods, particularly when it comes to your bath linen. Custom embroidery is also a massive part of marketing and advertising and reasonable almost for everyone.

There are also several fields of choices of custom embroidery. From the ingredients to the pieces to attire to the style of embroidery to personalisation, it can all appear devastating if you don’t have a clear vision. Now, there are many companies that also provide custom embroidery for printing your favourite photo, logo, message, or design on a wide range of items like a blanket, sleeping bag, bath linen, dressing gowns, teddies, and many others.
Below, I’m going to share some benefits of custom embroidery on towels are robes.

1. Embroidery Looks More Professional
Embroidery is better than screen printing that provides your final product a more professional appearance. It appears like you put more time and exertion into the overall design. It also creates better branding for your company or an outstanding gift for your recipient. The stitched finish provides the product a more elegant look compares to other printing methods.

2. Custom Embroidery Lasts Longer than Screen Printing
Compared to screen printing, embroidery printing may offer similar results but the processes are very different. Screen printing uses a mesh screen and fabric paints to put on an image on the fabric. And in this printing process, the prints help to place the screen on the top of the fabric then apply the linked image on top.

With this printing method, large images are easily applied to shirts, jackets, and other apparel. But it doesn’t work well for towels and robes, because the printing wears off due to constant wear and tear. On the other hand, embroidery sews design onto the fabric using thread. It also helps to create a professional, finished look that doesn’t face or crack with repeated washing. You can easily wash and dry your robe and towel without fear of damaging the design.

3. It Provides a Greater Room for Creativity
Custom embroidery also provides variety when it comes to design options because it doesn’t have to adhere to the fabric you are using. Apart from that, it sews the design into place. Embroidery is perfect for almost any type of fabric that is not true for screen printing. It also helps to keep the branding of promotional items with custom logo designs consistent.

If you want to customise many different types of items of gifts with matching designs, then custom embroidery will be a good option for you. It will also allow the use of any colour of the rainbow for the final design.

4. Custom Embroidery has Many Uses
Embroidered items are versatile enough for use in an array of products. Now, there are many companies that are using custom embroidery on towels for matching other promotional items used as gifts at trade shows or fairs. Embroidery on robes creates a personalised gift that shows you care.

Now it is clear from the above-mentioned advantages that embroidery is the most beneficial over screen printing for towels and robes. They last longer and don’t get damaged in washing. You can find one of the best personalised gift makers to take embroidery printing services, canvas printing, t-shirt printing, and many others.

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